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Sutta Nipata V.15


Mogharaja's Question

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Twice now, O Sakyan,
    I've asked you,
but you, One with vision,
    haven't answered me.
When asked the third time
the celestial seer answers:
    so I have heard.
This world, the next world,
the Brahma world with its devas:
    I don't know how they're viewed
    by the glorious Gotama.
So to the one who has seen
to the far extreme,
I've come with a question:
    How does one view the world
    so as not to be seen
        by Death's king?
The Buddha:
View the world, Mogharaja,
        as void --
always mindful
to have removed any view
        about self.

This way one is above & beyond death.
    This is how one views the world
    so as not to be seen
        by Death's king.


On viewing the world as void, see S.XXXV.85.

Source: ATI - For Free Distribution Only, as a Gift of Dhamma.

Dhamma Essay:
Pathways to Power by Ayya Khema

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