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Udana VI.9

Adhipataka Sutta


I have heard that on one occasion the Blessed One was staying near Savatthi, in Jeta's Grove, Anathapindika's monastery. Now on that occasion the Blessed One was sitting out in the open in the pitch black of the night, while oil lamps were burning. Many flying insects were meeting their downfall and misfortune in those oil lamps. The Blessed One saw those flying insects meeting their downfall and misfortune in those oil lamps.

Then, on realizing the significance of that, the Blessed One on that occasion exclaimed:

Rushing headlong, missing what's essential,
bringing on one new bond
    after another,
like insects falling into the flame,
some are intent only on what's seen & heard.
Source: ATI - For Free Distribution Only, as a Gift of Dhamma.

Dhamma Essay:
Taking Stock of Oneself by Bhikkhu Bodhi

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